As a company, we strive to be EXCEPTIONAL in the service we provide and the solutions we deliver. We do this with INTEGRITY and RESPECT for every individual we work with. Here are some testimonials of what our clients or business partners have said about us:


Philip McCrea (CEO at ClearPoint)

“In addition to providing strong instructional design and program development for our CRM training, she developed the framework and approach for a consulting practice that flourished under her support and leadership. Bonnie is a great collaborator and quickly builds trust and confidence with both clients and her colleagues. Regardless of her role or title, she has a strong and respected voice.”


Remberto Jimenez (Manager, Global Sales Enablement - American Express Payment Gateway)

“Professional, knowledgeable, adaptable, and "master facilitator" would be some of the words that I would use to describe Bonnie. [She] was the consummate professional who understood how to train varying audiences ranging from pharma sales reps to Internal Siebel technical employees. Bonnie's understanding of training and development allowed her to easily alter her teaching style and methodology to the various projects at hand . . . Bonnie always applied sound judgment and instructional design strategies that helped her to be a success.”


Gary Nyland (Territory Development Manager II, Office Depot – Business Solutions Division)

“Bonnie is one of the most professional, organized and responsive people I have ever met in my 13 years with Office Depot. She is skilled at making a smooth transition of vendors, great at managing her time, and incredibly organized. She is persistent without being annoying, and above all she gets results. I’m very proud of her ability in dealing with vendors at a higher level with confidence and respect.”


Deborah Snyder (Training Consultant at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen)

“Bonnie's support and positive outlook was always refreshing and inspiring . . . she seeks out the talent in every person that she touches and builds on their strengths.


 Prabhu Krishnadas (First Vice President, Consumer Banking Program Management)


“we completed deployment of Channel-link  to all teammates enterprise-wide. . . . This included migrating around 7000 teammates. . . . Bonnie [was one of the] key members of this team and this wouldn’t have been possible without their dedicated support. They have been proactive in addressing project needs     . . . this included conducting audience analysis, assigning access/training assignment to change management activities, post deployment support, [and] teammate/SME communications.”


Shanna Lucien (Colleague - Business Consultant at AFC Enterprises, Inc.)


“I had the pleasure of working with Bonnie. . . . Someone like her doesn’t just come along or fall into the position; it was genuine and natural  . . . I certainly appreciated the time she spent above and beyond the normal scope of getting things done with everyone and I applaud the work that she did to preserve the integrity and meaning of training.”

The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office.


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